Bilka Hypermarket Events

NOTE: More video examples below.

We have made many different types of event videos for the Danish hypermarket chain Bilka. The events are usually a engaging and fun activity for their customers. Examples are watching big screen cinema on their parking lot, playing bingo, testing out a Ferrari, shopping safari, riding on segways, children “Olympic games”, children photo shoots, building giant Lego constructions and many more.


Film & Edit:
Yanev Media



Bilka Hypermarkets


Other video examples:

Car Bingo Event

Drive-in Cinema - Fast & Furious 8

Car Bingo Teaser

Testing out a Ferrari

Shopping Safari

Giant Lego Construction

Drive-in Cinema

Car Bingo in Bilka Waves

Parking-lot Market

Parking-lot Segways

Children Castle Photo Shoot

Birthday Events Compilation